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VR company email list entertainment

VR company email list entertainment

Beitragvon jahangir03 » Di 4. Jan 2022, 06:44

Virtual reality has become a source of entertainment for many people. Its growing acceptance represents a great business opportunity and several companies are realizing it. Cell phone firms are increasingly venturing into the world of virtual reality. Samsung launched first, with its VR Gear company email list model , and then other companies followed that began to offer a plus by selling lenses together with their models, as did Polaroid with the Cosmo 550 and Alcatel with the Idol 4 . But not only companies dedicated to cell phones are innovating and creating games, videos and applications for virtual reality; Entertainment companies are also in the game, such as Microsoft, which company email list is already developing glasses for Windows 10 PC users.

These lenses will have their own platform, Windows Holographic, and it will be essential that the computer has the following specifications: 4 GB RAM memory One USB 3.0 port 4 multicore processors, along with Hyper Treading processor DirectX 12 graphics card To use these lenses it will not be company email list necessary to buy a computer at exorbitant prices, but the lenses will cost $ 300. It remains to be seen if indeed the new games and applications will offer us totally satisfactory experiences. Windows 10 lenses Sony has not been left behind either and already has its VR lenses for the Play Station 4 console. They cost 400 euros and have a large number of video games that company email list change our skills and playful experiences.

For people who like strong emotions, this month Six Flags Mexico will inaugurate the Medusa Steel Coaster, a new roller coaster whose attraction is virtual reality. In this game, each company email list person uses a Samsung Gear VR viewer, which shows augmented reality images, perfectly synchronized with all the falls and turns that the mountain has. Without a doubt, technology companies know how to give us ever better, more company email list innovative and more exciting entertainment options for fans of virtual reality .
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