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Sourdough Technology--A Traditional Way for Wholesome Foods:

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Da ja daich Sauerteig ein Thema ist will euch das nicht vorenthalten, .2011.00148.x

Geht sehr in die Tiefe. Für alle die sich für die Biologie des Sauerteigs interessieren, Aber durchaus auch praktische Hinwiese,. Wie z.b.

Temperature is the utmost important factor, as it influences DY more than acidification rate and also has an influence on the microbial composition of the sourdough. If backslopping is used where a part of the previous sourdough is used to inoculate the next fermentation, temperature plays a critical role because part of the microflora can be lost over the different sourdough refreshments if it is not controlled (Spicher and Stephan 1999). Optimum temperatures for the growth of Lactobacilli are 30 to 40o C depending on strain and for yeasts 25 to 27o C. In general, a higher temperature, a higher water content of sourdough, and the utilization of wholemeal flour enhance the production of acids in wheat sourdoughs